Veep Actors Make Sweet Inspirational Video for Julia Louis-Dreyfus On Her Third Round Of Chemo


Julia Louis-Dreyfus completed her third round of chemo for breast cancer today with the moral support of her Veep costars, who made a nice, topical video to help pull her through. If you think this post can’t possibly contain any references to the many famous men accused of sexual assault in the last several weeks,…

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Ohio Supreme Court Justice Bill O’Neill Wants You To Know He Has Fucked

The last time we saw Ohio Supreme Court Justice and prolific Facebook user Bill O’Neill around these parts, he was taking the “draft dodging millionaires” of the Cleveland Browns to task for kneeling during the national anthem. O’Neill is self-evidently a man of many passions, but mostly he loves to …

Roy Moore Is Still Going to Run for Senate, Despite Multiple Allegations of Sexual Misconduct

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The Best Black Friday Deals Available Right Now

You don’t need to stand in line at the crack of dawn or risk being trampled to death to score the best Black Friday deals; they’re all available online, and we’re collecting the best ones right here. Read more… Powered by WPeMatico